HCB1948001 W00275-21C

CHINA. Beijing. Final days of the Kuomin­tang. A peasant, who­se mar­ket has clo­sed down and came to Beijing to sell his vege­ta­bles, sits to eat his pro­vi­sions. A shop­ke­eper resi­gns to have nothing more to sell in his sto­re. Decem­ber 1948.
Sin­ce July 1946, Chi­na has been torn apart by civil war betwe­en the Com­mu­nist for­ces of MAO TSE-TUNG and the Natio­na­list for­ces (Kuomin­tang) of Gene­ral TCHANG KAI CHEK. Slow­ly the Com­mu­nist gained ter­ra­in and in Decem­ber of 1948 they took sie­ge of Peking.